Spare Parts

Italfreezer, a company specializing in the field of machinery for the food industry, mainly producing machinery and complete plants for the production of “industrial line” ice-cream. Our machines are built in Italy, in our Cesate – Milan factory; made with accurate operating procedures, with new evolutionary technologies, allowing to obtain high quality products and thus succeeding in maintaining a very high quality ratio at a very low cost. Our production is distinguished by the fact that Italfreezer is able to design and customize the various models of machines, choosing from different possible combinations of assembly of the various parts and accessories, creating an ad-hoc machine to meet the needs of its customers. Our machines are built to obtain an industrial ice cream of excellent structure and quality. The technical assistance of pre and post-sales provides the intervention of specialized technicians available for any need, such as advice on the choice of the product, the review of used machines and a wide range of spare parts for all types of systems.