Extrusion Line

The extrusion line, also called Extrusion Line, has been designed to meet the demand for a simple, reliable and extremely convenient machine, capable of producing all types of products.

The line consists of the following elements:

1.Chain working plane for the movement of the trays;

2.Curing tunnel (-40 ° C);

3.Open work table (to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the line);

4.Two tubs with air space heated by hot water, for the external covering of ice cream (ex.Magnum);

5.Chain table for the movement of the pliers;

6.Set of pliers, (available for each product format), for taking the finished product;

7.Set of trays (available for each product format);


Our systems are made with EEC regulations, PED, certificates of origin, testing, food suitability. Warranty certificate for each product of 12 months from delivery.