Italmix Plant Batch

Italmix Plant Batch is the pasteurization system suitable for small / medium enterprises. This system is offered in two versions electric and gas.

The Batch system includes the following elements:

Pasteurization group consisting of the following elements:

Pasteurizer for the mixture (1,2,3 etc. depending on the customer’s needs),A heat exchanger,A homogenizer,Pumps and valves,electrical panel.

The pasteurization group is installed on a stainless steel platform.

Maturation and maintenance group consisting of the following elements:

1.Ripening vats (1,2,3 etc. depending on the customer’s needs),Transfer pump,Electrical panel for maturation vats;

2.Gas / electric boiler with pump suitable for high temperatures;

3.Central cold water (Chiller), on request equipped with recirculation pumps and various connections;

4.Evaporative tower for the closed water recirculation, on request equipped with pumps and various connections.

Our systems are made with EEC regulations, PED, certificates of origin, testing, food suitability. Warranty certificate for each product of 12 months from delivery.