Fruit Feeder

The Fruit Feeder, electromechanical is used for placing solid ingredients into small pieces, (such as: flake chocolate, hazelnut grains, fresh or candied fruit, etc.), in the flow of the continuous ice cream, for get a stuffed ice cream. An agitator is installed inside the Fruit Feeder, in order to avoid the formation of lumps in the mixture.

The pumping system is carried out by an electric motor combined with an “inverter”, this system allows you to adjust the speed of the pump quickly and immediately, view all the data on an electronic instrument (display) and provide information in real time operator.

The machine is made entirely of stainless steel, aisi 304, mounted on 4 wheels and complete with a hopper.

Our systems are made with EEC regulations, PED, certificates of origin, testing, food suitability. Warranty certificate for each product of 12 months from delivery.