Semi-Automatic Filler

The semi-automatic filler is used for filling rectangular, square, circular, oval, etc.

The semiautomatic is a structure mounted on four steering wheels with locking brake, it consists of the following parts:

Dosing system composed of three extruders (with different formats according to customer needs), which move vertically;

A height adjustable work surface;

IP65 stainless steel electrical panel.

The semiautomatic can fill trays with one or more flavors by connecting the machine to one or more continuous freezers. The dosage starts from 0.1 up to 5 liters, while the capacity varies according to the power of the freezer and the size of the pan.

Our systems are made with EEC regulations, PED, certificates of origin, testing, food suitability. Warranty certificate for each product of 12 months from delivery.