Freezer PLC

The continuous, fully electronic PLC Freezer is proposed with one or two volumetric pumps suitable for the production of ice cream with excellent structure.

The PLC frezzer consists of the following elements:

1.A horizontal freezer cylinder, with dasher complete with scraping blades (special stainless steel) and eccentric stirrer made entirely of stainless steel;

2.A protection system (for the automatic freezing cylinder) with hot gas injection to maintain a constant viscosity of the ice cream;

3.A simple and completely automatic washing cycle with CIP (cleaning in place) system;

4.A electronic liter counter.

The pneumatic system of the Freezer PLC is complete with high efficiency bacteriological filters to inject air into the mixture (Overrun from 30% to more than 100%). The air (Overrun) incorporated in the ice cream is filtered and sterilized up to 0.02 micron, through a filter group (FESTO).

 Our systems are made with EEC regulations, PED, certificates of origin, testing, food suitability. Warranty certificate for each product of 12 months from delivery.